Past President

Tomasin Playford

Tomasin Playford had always been interested in archaeology as a child, but she didn’t realize that it could be her career until she attended Brandon University (BU) and enrolled in anthropology and archaeology courses. After her first year of field work, she was hooked and completed a Four Year Specialist Degree from BU. She continued her education at the University of Saskatchewan where the focus of her Master’s degree was a comparison of Vickers Focus and Blackduck subsistence strategies. Currently Tomasin is completing her doctoral studies in the Natural Resources Institute at the University of Manitoba. Her dissertation is an extension of her MA thesis in which subsistence strategies of various archaeological groups are compared using quantitative methods. As part of this study, she has also developed a growth and development sequence for foetal bison which can be used to estimate site seasonality. She has worked mostly in southwestern Manitoba as a field crew worker, site supervisor of field school assistant for Drs. Bev Nicholson or Scott Hamilton. She spent one summer as the SaskPower summer assistant and was able to see most of Saskatchewan. Recently she’s had the opportunity to work in Northern Manitoba and is always excited about undertaking field work. When she was an undergraduate student, she was actively involved in the Archaeological Society of Southwestern Manitoba, a then Chapter of the MAS. Since then, she has maintained an active involvement in various local associations as they provide invaluable experience and opportunities. It is also rewarding to ‘give back’ to the archaeological community Tomasin has currently (2013) accepted the position of Executive Director for the Saskatchewan Archaeological Society.