Student Representative - Brandon University

Britney Weber

Britney’s interest in anthropology began as a child, around the age of 10. Her intrigue expanded in high school when she was fortunate enough to take a course in anthropology. The most exciting part was the archaeology section where she got to excavate egg shells and grains of rice from a printer box of dirt. Every archaeologists dream! The summer of 2015 was very busy for Britney. She was able to do her Archaeological Field School at the historic Camp Hughes training trench system in Manitoba, and was also a part of BU’s newly created, Rural Museum Archaeological Outreach course. It was here she received practice drawing flake scars (a lot) while analyzing the precontact indigenous artifacts of several museums in southwestern Manitoba. Her interests are in archaeology, lithic analysis, bioarchaeology, languages, plains pottery, and museum studies. Britney sees a potential MA in archaeology or museum studies in her future and will graduate from Brandon University in 2016 with a focus in archaeology.