Healing Site Edukit and Teaching Guide

In November 2007, the Manitoba Archaeological Society (MAS) sponsored a ‘Celebration’ at the Behavioural Health Foundation’s Male Youth Services Centre (formerly the Selkirk Healing Centre and hence the basis for the name for the Healing Site), located just north of Selkirk.

Kevin Brownlee, president of the MAS, welcomed the guests and Olive Lillie said a prayer to begin the event.The celebration continued with remarks from MLA (Burrows) Doug Martindale representing Eric Robinson the Minister of Culture, Heritage, Tourism and Sport; Donalee Deck, Director of the Healing Site project and Clarence Anderson, a teacher at the  Male Youth Services Centre. The speakers thanked the many who contributed both financially and the many volunteers on the projects. Attendees were able to enjoy a wonderful assortment of food and refreshments prepared by the centre’s food services while they viewed the exhibit case, archaeological map and ten components of the edukit, which ranged from stone tool technology to traditional plant use.

The exhibit and educational package (edukit) were developed for the students of the Behavioural Health Foundation as a result of the excavations that were carried out at the Healing Site. It is hoped that students, staff and visitors to the centre will learn about archaeology and the rich heritage left behind by past generations of people who lived and traveled along the Red River.

The focus of the edukit is on learning about the life ways of First Nation people who lived in the Red River valley. This will be achieved through a series of hands-on activities stemming from the public archaeology project at the Selkirk Healing Centre. The Teaching Guide provides suggestions for activities that touch on a variety of subject areas and themes. Some of the edukit activities involve personal development skills such as working independently, as well as working within a group.

Click HERE to download a copy of the teaching guide.