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 Niizhoobizowag Migiziwag: Two Soaring Eagles

The latest release from the Manitoba Museum Archeology Department, Dibaajimindwaa Geteyaag: Ogiiyose, Noojigii-goo’iwe gaye Dibinawaag Nibiing Onji/Stories of the Old Ones: Hunter and Fisher from Sheltered Water, sits at the intersection of Indigenous science and Indigenous art with non-Indigenous science.


Written from an Indigenous perspective, this book tells the story of a 4,000-year-old Ancestor whose remains were found eroding on the banks for the Lee River in Manitoba. Written by Kevin Brownlee, Curator of Archaeology at the Manitoba Museum, this book is a very personal description of “the Old One’s” journey from recovery to reburial with a man we have come to know as the Two Eagles Ancestor.


The hard-cover book, designed by Ed Winters, has one hundred and eighty-four beautifully illustrated pages and is available through the Manitoba Museum Bookstore at a cost of $39.95 CDN plus tax ($51.94)


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Two Eagles book


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Under provisions of The Heritage Resources Act (1986), land developers may be called upon to provide for, at their own cost, the mitigation of impacts on Manitoba heritage resources. In 2008 a stratified heritage-resource site was discovered on Pipestone Creek in a proposed pipeline right-of-way in southwestern Manitoba. The site, DkMi-5, was tested to determine the nature, density and condition of the strata that lay beneath the ground surface. Since part of the site stood to be impacted, the Historic Resources Branch called upon the pipeline company to undertake archaeological excavation and reporting prior to construction. Once the archaeological work began, it became clear that the site was remarkable in terms of its preservation and antiquity. It also stood out by virtue of the evidence it contained of repeated use as a campsite over a span of several thousand years; it contained evidence of late Plano, Early Side-Notch, Oxbow and undefined ceramic occupations.
One of the Historic Resource Branch's goals in working with developers is the release of information about heritage resources in a public-friendly format. A suggestion was made that the company may find that publishing the material in book format would be an attractive way to add value to its reporting on the archaeological mitigation that was currently underway at the site. The company agreed that this would indeed be a creative way to report on the work that they were undertaking prior to the construction.
The book is titled Uncovering Early Aboriginal History in Southern Manitoba (2011). It is 128 pages long and has 74 illustrations comprising maps, artifact photos and drawings, and "people pictures" showing living scenes and imagery based on the findings at DkMi-5 and other sites in southern Manitoba and elsewhere. The volume describes the objectives of conducting excavation of archaeological sites in general and DkMi-5 in particular. As a history book, it is intended to tell a series of stories about what happened at a certain locale on the prairie landscape at certain times in the past. In addition to archaeological data, the book contains abundant coverage of the changing palaeoenvironments. The volume also contains Indigenous teachings that have some topical commonality with geological and archaeological findings in Manitoba and elsewhere.
The ultimate goal of the project was to create a highly professional volume specifically for educational purposes. The attempt was made to utilize language, illustrations and information that would appeal to a non-specialist audience, rather than to the more narrowly-defined scientific/academic community. This approach is in line with the HRB's aims when delivering archaeological information to the public. Accordingly, copies were distributed free-of-charge to school and public libraries throughout Manitoba in early 2011. A more technical version of the book can be found in Volume 21 (2011) of the Manitoba Archaeological Journal.

Leo Pettipas
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Early Aboriginal History book

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Volume 21 Numbers 1 & 2 (2011)

Leo Pettipas - An Environmental and Cultural History of the Central Lake Agassiz Region, with Special Reference to Southwestern Manitoba 12,000 - 7,000 BP

Volume 22 Numbers 1 & 2 (2012)

Leo Pettipas - A Review of the Early Holocene Environmental and Cultural History of the Northern Lake Agassiz Region, with Special Reference to Manitoba

David S. Norris - The Presence of Net-impressed and Horizontally Corded Ware in Southern Manitoba: The Relationship between Rock Lake and Brainerd Ware

Volume 23 Numbers 1 & 2 (2013)

Leo Pettipas - An Environmental and Cultural History of The Eastern Lake Agassiz Region, With Special Reference to Southeastern Manitoba 12,000 – 7,000 Bp

Volume 24, Numbers 1 & 2 (2014)

E. L. Syms, T. Dedi, G. Wowchuk, K. Speirs, and S. Broadhurst - Identifying New Late-Woodland Ceramic Traditions in The Swan Valley, Western Manitoba.

T. Dodson and A. Myers - Prisoners of War and Dreams of Freedom: Dugout Canoes at a Second World War Work Camp in Manitoba, Canada


*Only electronic copies are available*

Volume 25 Numbers 1 & 2 (2015)

Glacial Lake Agassiz Survey 1965-1969

Leo Pettipas - Part I: Background

Palaeoecology & Environmental Archaeology Before the Glacial Lake Agassiz Survey

Archaeological Systematics and Cultural-Historical Integration, 1965

Palaeohistory Without Archaeology

Cultural-Environmental Integration

The Glacial Lake Agassiz Survey

Part II: Historical Documentation

W J Mayer-Oakes - Proposal to Conduct Research

C T Shay - Comments on a Proposal to Conduct Research in Environmental Archaeology in The Glacial Lake Agassiz Basin

M. H. Hill - An Archeological Survey in The Glacial Lake Agassiz Basin in Manitoba, 1965

W. J. Mayer-Oakes - Environmental Archaeology, Glacial Lake Agassiz, 1965

Leo Pettipas The Lake Agassiz Survey, 1965

M. J. Tamplin - The 1966 Glacial Lake Agassiz Survey: A Preliminary Report

M. J. Tamplin - The Glacial Lake Agassiz Survey 1967

M. J. Tamplin - Addendum: Excavations at Delta, 1967

David McDowell - The Manitoba Historic Sites Survey, 1967

Morgan J Tamplin - Archaeological Survey and Excavation in Three Selected Areas of the Glacial Lake Agassiz Basin in Manitoba, 1968 Field Season

Morgan J Tamplin - The Glacial Lake Agassiz Survey 1968

Morgan J Tamplin - The Glacial Lake Agassiz Archaeological Survey: Summary Report 1969

Leo Pettipas - Part III: Retrospection

Volume 26, Numbers 1 & 2 (2016)

Leo Pettipas - Geochronology and Archaeology

Leo Pettipas - An Unusual Spear Point from The West-Lake District of Manitoba

Leo Pettipas - Re-Visiting The “Aqua Plano” Concept, With Special Reference to The Brohm Site

Kelsey Samuel - The 2014 Archaeological Excavations in Bonnycastle Park

Michael E. Kelly - Archaeological Excavations at Upper Fort Garry, 1979

Greg Monks - Upper Fort Garry, DlLg-21

Jack Steinbring - Some Unusual Sites on Lake St. Andrew

Volume 27 Numbers 1 & 2 (2017)

Amber C. Z. Flett - Examining Mâhihk (Clark Lake, Manitoba) As A Regional Centre: A Study of a

Northern Boreal Forest Ingathering Area

Katherine Pettipas - Cree Willow Bark Objects: A Response to Doug Evans’ 1969 Query

M. E. Malainey, G. Hill, M. Brandt and B. Strong - The Rural Museum Archaeological Outreach Project at Brandon University: An Example of Collaborative Public Archaeology in Southwest Manitoba

Leo Pettipas - Proposed Revisions to the Hypothesized Ethnicity of the Western Woodland Algonquian Configuration

Volume 28 Numbers 1 & 2 (2018)

J. Malasiuk, R. Wondrasek, K. Zbeetnoff, S. Girard, A. Beard, R. Parry, S. Kasstan, S. Longworth,

A. Benner, W. Lewis, C. McNamee, H. Cyr, and L. Pettipas - DjMb-26: A Study of a Preceramic Site in Southwestern Manitoba,With Special Reference to the Diagnostics

Leo Pettipas - Revisions to The Lake Agassiz-Early Indigenous Cultural Correlations, With Special

Reference to The Campbell Strandline Complex

Leo Pettipas - Western Woodland Taxonomy: Review and Proposed Amendments

Leo Pettipas - Summaries and Comparisons of Woodland Archaeo-Chronologies of South-Central and Southwestern Manitoba, 1948 And 2018

Amber C.Z. Flett - A Sample of Artifacts from The Clark Lake Locality, Northern Manitoba


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