Learning about archaeology

Are you interested in learning more about archaeology or becoming an archaeologist? There are many great places to start. Your local library will carry books on archaeology or visit a museum.

Below are examples of several museums in Manitoba that have an archaeological collection:
In Winnipeg:
The Manitoba Museum
The Transcona Historical Museum

In Dauphin:
Fort Dauphin museum

In Thompson
The Heritage North Museum

In The Pas
The Sam Waller Museum.

There are also archaeological sites you can visit across Manitoba including:
The Forks

Lower Fort Garry
Upper Fort Garry

There are several provincially designated archaeological sites are open to the public. A list of these sites can be found at the Historic Resources Branch website and include:
The Stott site

The Arden Camp site
Flee Island Dakota Entrenchment
Here is a list of websites featuring archaelogy in Manitoba
Manitoba Heritage Network
A glossary of Manitoba Archaeology

Manitoba Culture History overview
If you are interested in becoming an archaeologist, you can visit:
the University of Manitoba website on careers in archaeology

Other  archaeology resources available for kids online are:
Parks Canada Budding Archaeologist website
Dig on site – magazine for kids

NPS Archaeology for kids

The MAS has a publication about archaeology available for kids called “Digging the Past: Archaeology for Kids”
To order a copy please contact the MAS at mbarch@mts.net.

The MAS also has public events and demonstrations featuring archaeology throughout Manitoba. Visit our news and events pages for details.