Teacher Resources

There are several resources available for teachers wishing to teach about archaeology in the classroom.

Digging the Past - Archaeology for Kids
This booklet created by Wind River Research Services and the Manitoba Archaeological Society features puzzles and games to uncover the past in a unique and interactive way. Contact the MAS to obtain a copy of this resource at mbarch@mts.net.

Traditional Learning through Archaeology Teaching Guide
As part of the Healing Site excavation, a teaching guide was produced by Wind River Research Consultants to accompany an edukit for the Behavioural Health Foundation in Manitoba. A copy of this guide is available for download and can be found here.

Archaeology Canada
This website features lesson plans for teaching archaeology in the classroom

Other miscellaneous webresources

Archaeolinks website featuring lesson plans
Historica teachers guide
Royal Ontario Museum - Online activities: archaeological analysis

Heritage fairs

Saskatchewan heritage online - resources for teachers

Listing of links featuring online teacher resources on archaeology

Our Roots - Canadian local history online