Introducing Cool Discoveries

Welcome to a new feature on the MAS website called cool discoveries.

Have a cool discovery that you would like to share? 
A cool discovery doesn't have to be recent.  This is an opportunity to "share" your discovery and promote discussion/comments.  So something found in the past would be welcomed.  At the same time, a very recent find doesn't have to wait until the report is written.  It can be shared widely and quickly. We encourage you to send in your 'whatchamacallits?" too..You know those unidentifable artifacts.
The text has to be short and sweet and no more than a paragraph with the following details.

Type of artifact:
Date found:
Discoverer: This can be entered anonymously if you like
Why this is cool:

The image will have to be in focus and there are no excuses these days with the quality of digital cameras to have a photo too blurry, dark, light... Well you get the point!

Send your picture and information to
Looking forward to your submissions.